Mercedes 280S W108  this is a very nice  classic Mercedes with 1 of the best looking front’s of every car in the world.  with big grill in the middle and the round hood and the standing headlights  just a very cool classic  so read the review and watch the testdrive. it is to good to let I pass by

This video is al about the Mercedes 280S that is produced from 1965 up to 1972

This Mercedes 280S W108 is for sale a te JB-0ver Youngtimers
this company is a specialist in youngtimers anc classics that are in very good condition and or low mileage
here is a link to JB-over’s website and to the car on the website

this Mercedes 280S W108 is a 1972 model so it is the last year the w108 is produced
this car is fully restored for a total price of 43000,- euro
so that is a restauration where oem mercedes parts are used and also is done by a specialist company
and this really is showing. the car is in stunning condition
the car is a 280S this means a M130 2.8ltr 6-line engine that produced 140 hp and 228nm the S means carburator and when it is a SE E stands for injection.
the 2.8 m130 came in production in 1967 before this there was a 2.5 and 3.0 6-line availible

this Mercedes 280S W108 is a original dutch delivered car in 1972 so it has still the 1972 papers with the car
with the car is a full documentated book with pictures and bills of the restauration.

the difference between the w108 and the w109 is that the w109 is only delivered in a long wheelbase version and the w109 was delivered which much more chrome accent’s and the interior was delivered only with the best materials

if there are any questions just ask

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