Mercedes S55 L AMG this caris the first AMG version of w220 s-klasse models. so this is the same engine that is also delivered in the e55 and the cl55 and is still the normal aspirated model so read the full review and watch the testdrive

This video is all about the Mercedes S55 AMG W220
5.5 ltr v8  360hp 530nm/391 ftlbs
0-100klm or 0-60 mph in 6sec+/-

This car is for sale at “Henk Grooten”
this car company is a specialist in Mercedes classics and youngtimers most of the cars a low mileage and in very good condition.
here is a link to the website and to the S55L AMG

This Mercedes S55 L AMG is a first gen S55 the w220 model is delivered from 1998 – 2005  the s55 came in production in 2000. te first gen is the NA 5.5 v8  and is only deliverd in 2000 up to the beginning of 2002
after this the 5.5 liter got a supercharger

the difference between a long version and short version is the the long model is 11.6 cm longer and this space can be find back behind the front seats so there is a lot of room in the back
the long version is 1905 kg and only 20kg heavier then the short version so always go for the long version it is really worth it

this Mercedes S55 L AMG that i drove for this video is really perfect condition is had only done “37000 klm ” so that is really nothing this car is like new. you can still smell the new leather.  the car is fully equipped with  electrical heated, cooled and massage seats in the front and also in the rear.

the AMG and V12 models where standard delivered with ABC hydraulic suspension. on the other models is it standard air suspension and ABC suspension is optional
ABC stands for Active Body Control. this means that with 13 sensors in the car the body roll is controlled. when you go through corners or braking or accelerating. it keeps the car as level as possible under certain comfort. ther is also a ABC sport mode and can be activated by a switch on the dash and it generates a stiffer chassis that really work very good!!

the M113 engine in this car is the same as in the other 55 amg models only on paper it is 6 hp more powerfull . personally i don’t think there are any difference only on paper
with some exhaust mods and decat or race cats and a good remap 400hp and around 560nm is easy possible.

M113 engine is a 3 valve per cylinder engine 2 intake valves 1 exhaust valve  this engine strong point is the torque delivery between 2800 – 4500 rpm it is over 500nm stock

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