1991 Mercedes 560 SEL W126 the are getting Rare !! the first S-klasse that is nice to drive and very comfortable. a real drivers car with a very nice engine with a very strong bottom this car is a very nice classic that is very reliable so read the review and watch testdrive

This video is al about the Mercedes 560 SEL  model type W126
5.6 v8  276hp .430nm/317ftlbs
0-100klm or 0-60mph 7.2sec

This Mercedes 560 SEL W126 is for sale at “Henk Grooten”
this car company is a specialist in Mercedes classics and youngtimers most of the cars a low mileage and in very good condition


this Mercedes 560 SEL W126 is 1 of 4 that “Henk Grooten”has for sale at the time of making this video and the are 10+ more w126 models for sale on his website. The 560 sel is the flagship model of w126 range and the 5,6 ltr engine was only availible on the sec gen w126
the w126 is produced from 1979 – 1991.  first gen 1979 – 1985
second gen 1985 -1991. here in europe the 560 was also availible in the “SE” short version and is only produced 1251 times
the SEL is produced world wide 75071 times  the SEC coupe version is produced 28929.
the 560 models are really getting collectable thes days so if you want one buy them know. when the are still pretty affordable
the M117 5.6 engine is a stroked version of the 5.0 so it has a differnt crankshaft to give the engine the bigger stroke

tis car is one of the last models it is 1991-08 and it is fully loaded with options. for the complete option list look on the website
my opion about this car and the models it self is that it is really good build car and feels very solid. very good contact to the road and good traction. very comfortable chassis and not to much body roll.  the w126 560  has standard hydraulic self leveling suspension in the back and keeps the car on level when the trunk is loaded or you drive with more passengers. The room in the back is really big  the L version is 14cm longer the the SE  and it is really noticed
always go for the Long version or if you want a real rare car then go for a 560 SE  but if it is al about he car and comfort take the Long version it is worth it and only 50 kg heavier the the SE

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