1983 VW Beetle The Classic a testdrive I for a lot of people a very known car in total are there more the 30 million  build . and everybody will know somebody that every had a vw as there first car so this is review for everybody that just want to know how the drive

This car is been in production for 65 years !!
this model was already old before production stopt

that is why this is “the classic” and because it is the model that everybody knows

this car is for sale at JB-Over
this company is a specialist in youngtimers and classics
have a look on the website http://www.jbover.nl/

this beetle is a mexico beetle
so it is build and produced in mexico
from 1961-2003 beetles where build and from 1978 beetles where imported back in europe because production stopt in 1975 in germany.

this car is sold as a new car here in holland and is a 1 owner car
in very good condition and rust free, what is very important

this car is powered by a 4 cilinder boxer engine 1200cc 34 hp and a 4 speed transmission

if there are any questions  please ask