This video is al about the Audi R8 V10 Spyder  2015
The Audi R8 V10 is a faceliftmodel and is fitted with a S-tronic transmission powered by a 5.2ltr V10 FSI  producing 525HP and 530NM

This car is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn”
this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 Audi’s


Audi R8 V10 Spyder  is faster and easier to drive then you think
it is really mind blowing fast. this spyder is 105KG heavier then the coupe so this cars weight is 1725KG and is capable of accelerating in 3.8sec to 100klm.  my attemp without launch control got 3.9sec
the rev Limit is 8700rpm and it producing a awesome sound

there is a very good balance between sport mode and hard suspension and  sport mode of and just soft suspension setting
then the car is very nice to drive at low speeds and normall traffic use without getting noticed then this car is really a BEAST when you push the throttle

the only downside i could find is that the car has no easy excess to the engine when you want to do maintenance. but this will be a real problem for the mechanic that needs to service this car.  most people that will own this car will only drive it and not do maintenance themselfs.

the facelift model cam in 2012 and had different headlamps tail lamps different intakes front and sides.  round muffler tips instead of oval  standard navigation and bang olufsen sound system.
also the s-tronic came  and replaced the R-tronic.

in 2010 the v10 was availible   this engine we know already from the s6 and s8  that has the same base engine also this engine is mounted in the Lamborghini gallardo
the v10 delivered max power at 8000rpm 525HP and max torque at 6500rpm
the accelaration is really mindblowing
what really like when you put it in  sport mode in auto and just push the brake pedal it does rev matching down shifts and when you then accelerate it is like a rocket. that is launched.  really agressive.
i love it but it can be a little to much for some people. 😉

if there are any questions please ask