190 V12 Rear Subframe is going to be modified to fit the big s6000 rear diff in the car and also to connect the bigger driveshaft and prop shaft word the s600. later on the need to be shortend. I’m going for solid suspension arms so without and rubber or urethane bushing to get a more stiffer and very tigh suspension

Got most of the work done in the engine bay
steeringbox is replaced 1,5cm down so the oil sump will no hit it
also got the steering linkage from the steering wheel to the steering box in place and done.
also the seal through the firewall from the steering pin connection is back in place so it is water tight again.

rear subframe is removed and repaired some a bad spot on 1 of the subframe mounts under the car.
got the subframe fully dismantled also got the s600 donor subframe dismantled to get compare the parts

i got also parts ordered for the rear subframe from MCgill motorsports in the UK
i’m going to build custom suspension arms from tie-rods
MCgill has a wide race of parts that are designed for this

here is a link to there company


if there are any questions just ask

for more video’s have look in build tread and playlist