The Venturi 400 Trophy is a car that I never heart of before I saw this one for sale. The brand itself was also not known for me. But the build so production models in the past but the company is not around today anymore. what I think is a shame if you look to this car and it’s engineering .

this Video is al about the Venturi 400 Trophy. powered by a 3.0 v6 bi-turbo  producing  408HP and 520NM
0-100 klm is possible in 4.1 se

this car was for sale at this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

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The Venturi 400 Trophy  is a very rare car  this model is only produced 73 times
Venturi is  a French company that build several models but the total production is about 600 cars
this car is build for a so called gentlemen drivers throphy.
people  could 750.000 franc that is 115.000 euro. what the get is a full race that is also possible to get road legal for a extra 15.000 euro.   this car is build from 1992-1994 .   the car has from factory all the things a road car needs to be roadlegal like lights, wipers.  on my opinion this car only needs a speedometer. extra seat and mufflers.
the engine is based on a 3,0 v6 from the peugeot 605 and citroën XM, this engine is modified to handle boost. compression ratio is lowered to 7.3:1  the engine  is producing 408HP at 6000rpm and 520NM at 4500rpm at 0,95bar .
this car in full race prep  weight is 1020kg   and 0-100 is possible in 4.1 sec.  the engine is connected to a SADEV 5 speed transmission
top speed is around 290klm/h

if you are looking for a very rare car  that can be used on the street but also on the track. this car is a very good example with very good looks.  this car is really awesome to see and.  it is very low and wide.  i liked it alot

if there are any questions about this car just ask