The BMW Alpina B3 edition 30  is a rare example. of a fast Sedan that is not showing what it is capable of. this car is faster then you think and a real joy to drive. The best comparison is with the BMW M3.  but this engine is just not revving as high as the M3 engine is doing.

this Video is al about the BMW Alpina B3 edition 30  this car is a limited editon for the 30 th anniversary of alpina
the b3 is power by  3.0 6 inline with 250hp and 340nm
this car was for sale at  this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

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this BMW Alpina B3 edition 30  is based on the alpina b3 that is based on the e36 2.8 with 192hp and 240nm . Alpina put the performance up to 250HP and 340 nm  this engine is running 7000rpm what is lower then the 3.0 M3 otherwise it would have the same power.  the torque is the same as the M3. 
the alpina b3 is build 741 times form 1993-1995 the edition 30 is introduced in march 1995 so the edition 30 is build 8 months
30 coupe’s 30 estate’s and 20 sedans
so in total 80 edition 30’s  this sedan is 1 of 20 ever build 
the car could be delivered with a manual or a switch tronic what is like a SMG gearbox.  a manual gearbox is more rare then the swithtronic.
i drive very good and is very nice to use and easy to drive and feels very light.
this is a classic and rare car 1 of 20 in the body style

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