W201 V12 on it´s wheels for the first time !!!

W201 V12 on it´s wheels for the first time !!! not the 18″ yet but i can see what it is going to look like
the front dropped about 1.5 to 2 cm
with this wheel that is not as wide as the 235 that will be on the front i have anough room for the turning radius to not hit the wheel arch.
but with the 18″wheels i need to put it up about 1,5 cm and roll out the wheel arch i think
but it looks good. also this was a test if my top mount modification was done right because i needed to place the pressure of the car now in the top mount
but i have no crack or anything so that is very good

i remove the front wheel arches and repaired everything on the passenger side and put 2 layers NOXYDE coating on it
so it is seals now.
i leave the suspension of for now and first finish the drivers side
for this the wiring loom needs to come out of the way to repair that side because it is a little worse.

i have also order new oil hoses for the transmission cooling, oil cooler, and steering oil. when i have those i can install and test fit them.
after this the engine will go out. and i will get the engine bay ready for coating and paint. and last mods to fit the exhaust in

after this it is only wiring !!!

here is a link to the noxyde coating



if there are any questions just ask

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W201 V12 on it´s wheels for the first time !!!