Mercedes 190 V12 it is starting to get there all the pieces of the puzzle start to fall in place
so a few more little things need to be done before the engine bay can be painted

Got all new hossed under the car
2 new oil cooler hoses
3 hoses for the steeringpomp to the steeringbox and cooler
2 hoses for the gearbox to the transmission cooler

also made a custom oil cooler for the steering oil and installed it in front of the transmission oil cooler

no the hoses are testfitted the engine can go out for the last fitment of the plate behind the engine under the front window
the cooling water through the heater in the car is going through
and the throttle cable is also going through
the other holes are welded shut.

engine is out know
so the next thing make space for the manifold pipes that need to pass the steering axle because there is not alot of space i need to mod the passing.

also then the wiring loom needs to be fixed on the passanger side headlamp and then the drivers side wheel arch rust repairs
then it is ready for grit blasting and paint

here is a link to the full playlist on youtube

if there are any questions just ask

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Music by Andrew Applepie

and music by MAXWELL – i love┬á , MAXXWELL – we roll