Audi 80 B2 1.8 20V turbo
This video is al about the Audi 80 B2 2 door sedan
This car has a engine swap 1.8 20V turbo 150HP 210NM

This car is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn”

this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 Audi’s

i got the offer to drive this car and i heard about the engine swap and the spec of this i already liked it.
the fact that it´s weight is under 900KG and with a engine with peak torque is at 1750RPM that will really drive very good. this car is lowered and has hardered suspension.
the handling of the car really suprised me. it is just very good.
also the aluminium engine and with the transmission inline placed with the engine. will put the weight more in the middle of the car then just on the front of the nose alone.

this engine is fully standard. when remapped this car will go straight to 200HP and 300nm. then this car will need a brake upgrade and a stronger transmission.

this car had a base of the audi 80 sedan 2 doors which is pretty rare a base car can cost around 3k but when you use a 4 door sedan the whole swao can be ready for 3k total price and then with a remapped 900kg 200hp for 3500,- will be awesome to drive but also very good value for money

if your interested in a car like this
just asked for build information

Here is a link to the playlist on youtube

JMSpeedshop !