Audi A1 Quattro what a small rocket. should you by it …. yes!! if you have the money if hase very good looks and very good chassis and engine

This video is al about the Audi A1 Quattro 256HP and 350NM
the Audi A1 Quattro is a limited edition 1 of 333 build and only delivered in 2012

This car is for sale at “Jan Los & Leon Nuvelstijn”
this company is specialist in Audi’s but also different german brands, but the most are ’80 and ’90 or and Rare Audi’s

link to the car

This Audi A1 Quattro is so good !! this is a short wheels base and light little rocket
it is so fast through corners. on a short track this car can really give supercars a very bad day. the grip is just fenomenal

the base of this car is a normal A1 with a rear differential setup of a audi tts. engine and transmission came from the Audi S3 or Golf R
the power output is 256hp @ 6000RPM and 350NM @ 2500-4500rpm
the car is only delivered with a 6 speed manual.
0-100 klm is 5.7 sec with a top speed 245kph

this car is only delivered with a glacier white exterior and black roof, a white rear wing and special white 18″ wheels.
bigger brembo brakes . a flat bottom steering wheel and a lot red
decals through the car in and outside
this car is in holland delivered from the dealer 11 times for a new prices of €65000,-

if there are any question just ask

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