Welding the Custom Exhaust 190 v12 after spot welding it is now time to dismantle the exhaust and downpipes,
and weld all the connections through

so i finished the welding of the complete Exhaust
after spot welding alle the connections needed to be welded

but i made 1 mistake,
when you build a exhaust weld all the connection through before
you start with a new section
so what i mean when i finished the downpipes i had to finish all the welds before i made the midsections nd after this was finished build the last section.

i did not do that so when i finished the welding the exhaust did not fit complete anymore
and needed to do some modification

how does this happen. Stainless steel will deform because of bringing in a lot of heat so the pipe will bend or stretch in different ways and will not come back completely in the way it was before welding .

so in my case the exhaust was 2 cm shorter and also some of the collector pipe connection needed to be cut and put back in the right position so i had no pre tension on the piping.

for this exhaust that is very important because it is fully solid exhaust with no flexible sections.
this is the OEM way the exhaust was also from factory under the S-class. this is possible because there is almost no engine movement in the engine bay . and very low vibrations.

if there are any questions just ask