Mercedes C32 AMG  .  This is the 3 generation AMG model in a C-klasse after the C36 AMG and the C43 AMG.  This Mercedes C32 AMG is build from 2001-2004. After this model also in the W203 came the C55 AMG from 2004-2007.  Only the engine changed because the perfromance figures where exact the same on paper.

MErcedes  C32 AMG has an M112 V6 kompressor engine. a 3.2 ltr engine that has forged internals  and a lower compression ratio. The IHI kompressor in the V is a 1 piece in combination with the water to air intercooler and producing 1.22 bar or 17.7 psi of boost what is about 0.4 bar more the the 55 AMG kompressor.

Then the Performance figure of the Mercedes C32 AMG are 354HP at 6100RPM and 450NM on 4400RPM and from 2300 rpm more the 400NM.  0-100kph is possible in 5.2 sec and in the combi 5.4 sec. These numbers are exact the same as the C55

This car is a low mileage car with 93dkm on the clock. And 1 owner is holland original this is a japan delivered car and for sale at.

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