S124 suspension rebuild with strongflex bushings

Starting with the S124 V8 turbo project.  Rebuilding the suspension and subframe. Getting all the rust out and new coating on the parts.  Also renew all the bushings.   For this project i’m using all the poly urethane bushings from Strongflex.  In the previous project i also used there bushings.

The experience with the parts is very good.  So for this project the are sponsering this video.

So the benefit on poly urethane is that the last longer the the oem rubber bushing.  The red bushings are Shore 80. The have the same flexibility as oem rubber bushings but keep this strength longer and don’t wear out as fast as the oem bushings.

You can visit Strongflex.eu following this link 

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When you order your bushing kit you can order them per bushing or as a complete set. The range is for a lot of brands and not only Mercedes. When you install the bushings make user your greasing the parts as described. Otherwise you will end up with the squeaky suspension what will be very anoing.

if there are questions about this video or you want your suspension to be rebuild . Just ask