So in this video i will be about Rear Wheel hub rebuild + new brake parts S124 V8 Turbo.  I will show how to rebuild the full rear wheelhub

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So on rebuilding the wheelhub. I place a new bushing for the lower control arm. This is pressed in the hub the pressure is a bout 1 Ton you have to use a bushing to not damage the internal so you have to push on the outside ring. Also be carefull you not damage the rubbers seal.

The big double row wheel bearing. is also pressed in the housing. Im using an old bearing and make sure you ony put pressure on the outside ring of the bearing.  Using a little big more force around  2 ton.  After this you need to place a clip that is delivered with the bearing kit to secure it.  

This is the point where the backplate or brakedust plate needs to be mounted.  this is hold by 4 bolts in total. This needs ot be mounted because the handbrake springs are attached in this plate.  

The handbrake is now mounted because it is easier. This can also be placed after the hub flange is pressed in. 

The hub flange is now pressed in.  you need to support the inner ring of the bearing so you will not damage the bearing. Also for this is about 2tons of pressure needed 

Now new brake disc be mounted. it will slide over the flange and handbrake and is secured by a small bolt.

The rebuild caliper is next and first needs the blocks to be installed . the mounting kit is used to secure them.  The caliper is bolted on the hub with 2 M12/10.9 bolts   the need to be put on torque 122,6 nm.   at this pont you can also check it the bearing and hub are pressed in as far as the should have other wise the caliper will hit the brake disc.  This should not happen.  If this is the case  mount a wheel and on the hub because this will press the brake disc against the hub. If this is not solved the problem your hub flange and or bearing is not in the right position.

If there are any questions about this subject or else just ask 

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Parts used for the rebuild of the chassis incl numbers for autopartsonline
don’t copy this list also look for yourself if you got the right item. I’m not responsible for your order

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