New seals and paint or the differential. This was needed because 1 side of the diff was very greasy so had a leaking seal

The differential i’m using is from a E420 W210 model  with a end ratio of 2.82.  this differential has the same housing then the V8 W124 and big 24v 6 cilinder models. Also used in the R129 and much more. This connection to the subframe is with 2 bolts in the back in the W124.  For the W210 this is changed.  The end cover plate that will fit W124 subframe is not new available anymore from Mercedes.  That is the reason i change the subframe and made an extra mounting point.

The bolts on the back where al worn out it is a hex12 nut. 1 was so worn out i had to welt a nut on it to remove. I renewed them all for normal bolts M10 x 10.9 according to factory spec.

The mileage on this diff is unknown to me.  All the oil that came out of it is colored dark brown what is pretty normal. there was no metal in the oil at all. so that is good. No abnormal where on the gears is noticed.  so that is very good . This back plate is sealed with silicone sealer i used loctite.

The seal part numbers: A 020 997 25 47
The clip part numbers: A 115 994 04 34

oil capacity according spec is 1.6 ltr    i drained about 1.4  but it is a very thick oil and a little leak  but still enough
So i drain the oil. Removed all the rust the a grinder with steel brush.  Remove the end cover and cleaned it. Removed all the oil sealer.

The clips are easy to see now but no easy to remove with a normal pliers.  After removing the clips the flanges can be remove.   And the old seal can be taken out of the housing. Know i remove the old grease and rust behing the flanges.  Got the new seals in place. And put coating on the spots behing the flange that will be hard to reach when assembled.

Got everything back together with new clips. The old clips where still good enough i think but i changed them for new one’s.  The back plate is installed with fresh sealer and the new bolts.  put on factory spec 50nm

The differential is know paint fully. Everything got 2 layers of hammerite.

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