Custom axles for the V8 turbo  was ot the plan in the beginning.  

 i had already both W220 320  rear axles  the have a outisde diameter of around 33mm. But when dismantling these axle there where not solid. So when planning a car that will have around 700-800nm on the flywheel i need something reliable also at these numbers.  At first i wanted to shorten the axle by machining and welding. Same as i did with the 190 V12 project.

I found the company JVDC-frames.   This company does al kinds of modifications and build and also can make custom axles for the motorsport or just other custom applications.  Like i needs so i sended my axle with the joint and it needed to be shortend by 16mm.  The axles have and outside diameter at the joint of   31,5mm. The axle it self is 29mm . This axle should be more flexible but also stronger the the oem axles.  and offcourse it is solid

So i used the oem joints with the custom axle put all new crease in the joint bearing and mounted everything. 

If you also looking for custom axle have alook on the website of JVDC-frames

And also in the webshop of JVDC

if there are any questions about this subject or other. just contact me 


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