W124 front wheel bearing installation & dust cap failure

Changing the wheel bearings on my S124 is normally a very small job to do.  I got a Wheel bearing set from ABS.  I installed this set  but came to the conclusion something was very wrong.  When everything is installed the bearing should be free to move without any resistance.  This was not the case because the dust cap inner ring is have a production fault.

The inner ring in the dust cap should be about half way in the dust cap so there is about .5 to 1 mm play when fully installed.  And not making contact with the bearing case. In my case it is pushing on the bearing case and it was not able to turn freely. Befor i discovered this problem i had already intalled both set’s . 

So i bought a new set now from SKF.  Compared the parts and found the failure in the dust cap.  so i changed both Left and right wheel bearing set’s for new ones from SKF

See photo’s below to make it more easier to understand 

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