Engine mounts done Mercedes V8 turbo project

Engine mounts are done incl. The rear transmission mounts is done. So the complete drivetrain is in the car supported by the chassis. The front engine mounts are made from 10mm plate on the block with a frame welded plates to the mounts from 5mm plates.

The transmission mount is a W210 oem mount modified to fit the oem W124 mounting points. The oem W210 E420 centershaft is not shortend.

Between the radiator and the front of the engine is 14cm space.  The only place where is not enough room is around the steering box.  This is in front of the last exhaust port.  On this moment there is 10mm space. The plan is the lower the steering box by around 30mm and move it about 2mm inwards.  after the steeringbox are 2mm spacer rings,  i hope to get enough space the let the exhaust runner pass by

have alook for the other video’s in the playlist or on the start page of this project 


S124 V8 turbo project playlist youtube

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Music by: Jeff  Kaale – Pilow Talk