Mercedes M113 V8 Turbo & Wastgate in place.  It is a little puzzle and still tight fit.

To merch  the collector from each cilinderbank was a little challenge.  Also to choose a position for the turbo and still have room for an airfilter. But also have enough room to intalle the external wastgate. and have room to get the blow off side back in to the downpipe 

The intake of the exhaust housing is 2.5″ with a V-band.  The outlet is 3″ with a V-band. What makes the installation easy and fast.  The compressor side has a 2.5″outlet and a 4″inlet.  

The turbo is a Pulsar GTX3582R  rated for a 2 -4.5ltr engine with a power output from 450-900hp.  So my engine with 5.0 ltr is on the big side. What will make this turbo spool up very fast. So the 60mm wastgate from BSI inc. or Black sheep industries is really needed to keep the turbo in the wanted flow and pressure characteristics. 

This is a rollerbearing turbo with oil and water cooling.  This like a copy of a Garret GTX3582R but it will save you 1500euro.  the turbo is internally the same only so small differences in materials on the exhaust side.  

My goal is 500WHP and 700WNM in hot wheater conditions.  So i will aim on around 520-530 DIN WHP and 740-75o DIN WNM i think i will need around 0,7 to 0,9 bar max .  

With a compression ratio of 1-10 this engine will be knock limited on some point on 98 octane pump fuel i think this will be before 600 crank HP But we will see.  i have no intention to push this to the limit. goal is @ this point 500WHP 700WNM all year long

I had help on selecting the right turbo and wastegate from Speedshop Ter Stege.  he is located here in Emmen The netherlands. i will make a video @ his shop soon and have a look on his social links

If there are question just ask