Air intake drilled through Glass headlamp S124 turbo “part 1”

This is partly the same modification as i did on my 190 V12 . The hole in the headlamp is the same. but the intake piece is difference. In  the 190 V12 i used a 76mm SS316 velocity stack.  But i wanted something different,

So at first im using for drilling a hole a diamond 85mm drill bit.  To drill the hole in the glass i put it under water the get the best way of getting rid of the glass material.  This will also cooldown the drillbit and the glass.

In the video you will see it is very important to keep as stady as possible,  The first glass i drill a hole in i made a scratch. i had a spare glass so drilled another hole.

The intake piece is made from 2 aluminum reducers.  I will make more space in the headlamp unit as large as possible so that i can place the biggest possible air filter

This will be done in Part 2

also have a look to the rest of the video’s on