M113 Oil cooler adapter custom made for V8 turbo Project

The oil cooler on my M113 5.0 is standard a bolton piece like on all other NA m113 and M112 engine’s. For my turbo application i want more control. and a stable temp. So i could do 2 things.  Buy all the parts for the M113K model. This has from factory a thermostate housing and hose connections to a external oil cooler.  Or build my own adapter plate.

I did build this myself for a few reson’s.  It is cheaper.  some Oem parts not availible. And i want AN connections. And the adapaters on the market for the M113K thermostat housing cost more then my adapter complete.

So i used 10mm aluminium plate and made a copy with my wood router table. from the oem oil cooler dimensions. welded on 2 AN10 connections. And done.  I polished the 2 surfaces for good closing with the rubber gaskets on the filter housing .

Have a look on for more of this build by clicking this link 

or the full playlist on youtube