The Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9

This Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 is a piece of history.  The chance that mercedes build this large engine’s again is practical 0 %.   The W116 came on the market in 1972 up to 1980.  In 1975 the 6.9 was avalible as the top off the range model.

In total 7380 Times build.  From all the W116’s build 473080 cars this is a Rare model. The 6.9 was standard a SEL and standard as the first mercedes equipped with hydro pneumatic suspension in the front and in the back.  So fully self leveling.  On the other W116 cars rear self leveling was optional.

The M100 engine came on the market in 1963 and is build up to 1981.  This engine was first seen in the W108/W109 as the 300sel 6.3 but also in the W100 Mercedes 600.  in 1975 the engine was overbored.  From 6.3 to 6.9  by increasing the bore from 103mm to 107mm. The stroke stayed the same as 95mm.

This EU version had a CR of 8.8-1 in the rest of the world had 8.0-1   and was also a little less powerfull. @ 256HP.  The EU version had 286HP @ 4250RPM and a massive 549nm @ 3000RPM.  This was connected to a 722.003  3 speed automatic gearbox with a 2.65 LSD rear end.

And was capable of getting 0-100 kph in 7.4 Sec.  Top speeds was 225kph but in real life it will hit 240kph easy. The fuel tank is 96ltr what is needed to give the engine enough fuel. The total weight is 1985kg .

Also have a on the website of Henk Grooten where this car is for sale 

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