New update on the project.  S124 V8 turbo

Have the inlet piping on the throttle body side also done. I have shortend the bend on the manifold because i needed more space for. Otherwise the connection and throttle body did not fit.  Welded a fix connection on it and made a support on the piping that is bolted on the oil cooler plate.

Also installed the oil cooler lines and the oil thermostate.  Final location is now on the driver side so the oil cooler for the transmission is moved to the passenger side.

The cooling lines for the radiator could not be used fro stock. it just did not fit.  the bottom hose needed a T piece.   Oem radiator from a S500 has a extra connection. That this radiator that i using from a W124 500e  does not have.  so i needed a T-piece.  this water is now going to the outlet of the heater valves. This will also be the highest point. so the overflow cap will be here.

Going to  leave the oem expansion tank.  and go with an overflow type. so seperate tank for overflow and backflow. These will be placed in the space where normally the battery is located.

For the next part. I want to finish everything in the enginebay. So try to make list of want needed to be test fitted before the engine will go out for the last time

if there are questions just ask