Mercedes G63 AMG Designo 2013

This Mercedes G63 AMG Designo 2013 is just cool.   let i start. that this is the first G-klasse i have every driven. And it is not bad at all.  It has some weird bodyroll and very classic feel when cornering.  But this is what it makes the difference to all the other cars on the market in this categorie.

All model from different brands look the same in big lines.  This car stands out.  It’s a retromod.  It never meant to be this but it became

The G wagon is in production from 1979  the chassis and body did not really change up to 2018.  After this the car is just rebuild on everything you don’t see on the outside.

This car is still the old chassis and body.  Fitted with the M157 5.5 bi turbo V8  4 valves per cyl.  producing 544hp and about 800nm. 0-100kph is possible in 5.4 sec.  and this is a real life number because i hit below this already .

The car is limited at 210kph what i think is not strange because you need to correct the car more when you drive it hard. It is a 2450KG square box.   but a very cool one.

The M157 engine can have some issue’s  so do your homework when your in the market for a car with this engine code here is a link

But the car from the video has no issue’s the chain and tensioner and parts are all renewed,

This car is for sale at

If there are any questions about this model or else just ask