500E fenders on the S124 V8 turbo

I did a lot of research the last weeks of what is the best to place parts on certain positions. This because the car needs to stay serviceable.  I have placed the cooling water overflow tank as close as possible to engine firewall.   So i can still place the battery in the front where the oem position is. but just 90 degree’s difference

Because i’m going to change the front to 500E fenders on the S124 V8 turbo and also to hydraulic self leveling. I need space for the hydraulic components.  There is no space in the engine bay of both side. Also not behind the first firewall.  The best place is the in the open fender space. This also is giving the car not really visible different suspension system.

The bodykit i’m using for this project is a mbbodykits  product.  have a look on there website


I ordered the new hydraulic parts.  And the plan is to make a test setup to see how the car is going to react to the more and less oil in the struts.

also have a look in the playlist from this build by clicking HERE

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