HOW TO: M113/M112 hydraulic lifter how do the work?

The hydraulic lifters, almost never fail. But the can get damaged or stuck,  this will most of the time start with knocking sound on a cold engine. And the warmer the oil gets the sound will go away.  This is the point the lifter is loosing oil or can not keep the pressure inside.

Most of the time this has to do with dirty oil.  Or not enough maintenance or changing the oil.

There are 2 types of element where only the bottom part.  where the check valve is in.  Is different.  The exhaust lifter has a small hole and the intake lifter has a big hole.  It is very easy to see.

For a complete V8 there are 8 exhaust lifters and 16 intake lifters.

When removing the lifter or removing the camshaft bearing bridge it is important to reset the lifter.  This needed because when the camshaft bearing bridge is reinstalled. There is a possibilty the lifter is adjusted to much so it will keep open the valve when it needs to be fully closed

When the lifter is removed. it can be split in 3 parts.  Top and bottom and a spring.  You can also take the check valve apart.  But i don’t recommend doing this because it has very small parts. and it is not really needed because it can be tested very easy. without removing.  see video.

So if there are any questions left after seeing the video just ask