M113 Crankshaft & New Rods + Piston installed

Got the mainbearing caps removed. Rods and pistons are ready to install.  Only thing i needed to do was measuring the piston ring vertical play and the crankshaft axial bearing play.  This was all in factory spec.

I cleaned for the last time the bearings and blow through the oil channels.  Before putting the Crankshaft in the top bearing housings i pre-lube the shell with assembly lube.  This will keep the engine from running Dry when i start the engine for the first time on the starter motor.  Before all the oil gallery’s are filled it can take up 1 min.

The lower bearing shell are placed and the new bolts are pre lube with engine oil.  All caps are put on torque according factory spec and sequence.

Next are the pistons and rods.   Im placing the journal on the lowest point when sliding in the piston with the rod. So it is already in the position that i can place the bearing cap and put the bolts on torque.   Without moving the crankshaft.  When moving the crankshaft  with bearing cap there is a chance the bearing will slide out the housing.

The new rods need to be torque’d down to 75nm   i did this in 3 steps  bolts are 3/8″.

Also when turning the crankshaft i can check if the new rods are running free and not touching any other objects like the oil squirters.  Next thing i have checked.  Is the free play between the piston and Crankshaft.

Before i got this Rods made i also thought about shorten the rods to lower the compression.   I now have the oem size and compression. But when measuring the play  it is only 1.5mm between piston and crankshaft .  So this  much room is no left. See photos below

for any questions just ask