Mercedes 280CE W123 1981. Collectors item!!!

This is really a beauty.  A example of how the W123 really where in the 1970/80 years.  This model is the 280CE 6 cilinder model. The CE is also delivered in the 230CE model with a 2.3 4cyl engine .  The 280 is a 2,7 ltr 6 inline or 2746cc.  people call it a a 2.8.

W123 model is build between 1976-1986  and the coupe between 1977-1985  up to 1978 the 280 was a C modell without the E for injection.  These cars had a carberator.  from 1978 the kjetronic was availible and the model is called a CE.

This M110 engine  2746cc is used by mercedes from 1972-1989 in W114 W116 W123 W126 R107 and W460 G-klass modell  in other models Kjetronic was already availible from 1975  and up.

The M110 engine had a compression ratio of 9:1  and is a dual overhead camshaft engine but with 2 valves per cyl.   Power delivery in the carb. versions was 177hp @ 6000rpm and 234nm @ 45000rpm  in the later  kjetronic cars it was 185hp @ 5800rpm and 240nm @ 4500rpm. Perfromance of the car was 9.9 sec from 0-100kmh  with a top speed around 200kmh or 124mph

2686915 cars are build in the version of the W123 in total  most build model is the 240D with 455k cars.  This is almost 1/5 of all the w123 produced.  Various models where build like  a sedan coupe  estate an limo and a even longer stretched version

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