first fully legal Drive. Sound check!! V8 turbo m113 Mercedes

End of last week i got the car APK check up. This is everyt 2 years for an oldtimer. And because this car had a changed registration it also needed to be done.

So what is next.  i have a few things i want to do before going on the dyno.   if everthing is going well i can go somewhere in the next month.    Im also doing some changes on the starting parameters. Because i dont like the overshoot in RPM’s when i fires up.  i dont need to use any throttle but when it fires up it will hit 2000 rpm’s and then coming down to 800-900 rpms. i don’t think this is needed .

also did a sound check with this stock exhaust.   This will only make 87DB at 3500rpm  so very good as a sleeper and highway cruise mode. But i want to hear the v8 open exhaust  sometimes.  So  to get a base sound clip.   This is it.   I will make a valve that will bypass the rear muffler.  So getting 2 end pipes.  And also going to make the middle muffler remove able.  That i can also try a straight trought exhaust design.

Both mufflers are straight through so the will not block any flow.

The suspension is working correct now.   But until i have the full bodykit on i can not lower it complete.  This is just for protections.  also at the moment when i run over a speed bump a little to hard the rear wheels hit the wheel arch.  so i think when the bodykit is on i will install another set of harder springs .   The sport settign works very good.  it will firm up the suspension very good.

I also did some logging of the cruise area’s of the lambda targets and fuel map  because i want to improve the fuel economy to get a similair economy as a stock m113.  What i found is that im running on the rich side.  all the cruise area’s are lambda 1 or just under it .  and i think i can go to 1.03-1.04  so that is 3 to 4 % less fuel  so better economy .

So next video will be about the exhaust rear muffler bypass


first fully legal Drive. Sound check!! V8 turbo m113 Mercedes