M113 V8 Turbo going fully open straight pipe exhaust !!!

So  the start of getting a little more emotion in the car.   little more V8 rumble and turbo sound.  At first i bypassed the rear muffler. This is the biggest.  I installed a remote controlled valve with a electrical actuator.

The valve is mount to bypass the last bend that is going into the exhaust. And then will go straight through.   I habe now to equal pipes running  out of the back of the car.  1 going throught the muffler and 1 is bypass.

So with this installed i tested the setup.  The sound is better and the difference can be heard when opening and closing the valve .  behind the car the difference can be heard but not in the car.   So next is removing also the middle muffler

So middle muffler cut out .  Welded about 50cm pipe in between.  what is very noticeable is that the weight of the muffler is about 5kg.

New testdrive.   Now fully open straight pipe exhaust with a valve that will only bypasses the rear big end muffler.  i started up with open valve.  And i’m really like it .   The turbo sound is really there now.   but when i close the Valve it is much more quiet. So that is also a good part.  I really like the end result .