[ Pure German muscle ] 1998 Mercedes E55 AMG this is a pure muscle car with a very good interior. it is a perfect drivers car. this car has got a exhaust upgrade and that is a modification that this w210 AMG really needs to get the best sound out of the 5.5ltr v8 what a nice car. so read the full review

this video is al about the Mercedes E55 AMG  W210
this car is equipped with a 5.5ltr V8 that produces 354HP and 530NM stock

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here is a link to the Website and the Mercedes E55 AMG


The E55 is a really nice car to drive and handles really good
i really liked the high torque output of the car. i think high torque numbers are more important then hp.
this car is equipped with a NA v8 and is the only e55 amg version that is having a NA v8 that model after this is supercharged. thatis why this car is also being a good buy. the will be rare  and the only model with a NA v8.
it delivers above 500nm from 2800rpm up to at least 4500 rpm so it is really a tyre shredder.
when doing the accelaration test in 1 first gear the ESP could not hold up with the power so that will give you an idea.

the model is produced from 1998 up to 2002
it is based on a 420/430 avantgarde model
equipped with the strongest gearbox Mercedes is used up till now the 722.6  5 speed automatic

this e55 is produced about 12000 times  incl combi models
that is more then the 500e w124 and the e50 amg
but this is the most powerfull stock model which i compare

i personally really like this model but never driven one befor but i personally put it on top of my carbucket list for the future

this car is equipped with 2 sport cat converters  and a custom exhaust that really gave the care a nice character when your cruising the sound is nice on the back ground but when pushing the throttle down you got pure german muscle.

if your looking for a e55 amg w210 you really need to see this one
really rust free car good maintained very good condition

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