Audi S4 ABT is a car that you can get for not to much money but still having a serious performance machine. but look out that you are not buying somebody’s money pit machine because repair’s can be expensive on this Audi S4 so keep maintenance on the right level

This video is al about the second gen. Audi S4 ABT
the B5 model  poweredby a 2.7 V6 Bi-Turbo

the second gen. B5 came after the Audi 100 S4 powered by a 2.2  5 cilinder. the b5 s4 is powered by a 2.7ltr bi-turbo producing 265hp and 400nm or 275ft/lbs
this Audi S4 ABTis doing 0-100klm or 0-62mph in 5.6 sec in a car that is weighing 1510kg
this Audi S4 ABT is a very good model to by because it is faster the the c4 s4 and just as fast as the B6 and b7 that are v8 powered and the modes that  came after the b5  are v8 powered and NA and also doing the same accelaration times

the best thing is that this B5 S4 is tuned by ABT so the car is remapped to 312HP and 480nm so it will be faster the oem
also different ABT 18 inch are fitted under this car
the front is changed to  a RS4 that includes the front bumper and front wheel arches. also a KAW suspension kit is under this car and is not to low or to hard and very good!
this is a turbo so it is easier to tuned due to turbo’s the v8’s can not be pushed a lot in stock form so the b5 s4 is cheaper to get lighter and easy to remap so will be faster.

the b5 is in europe only delivered in a 6 speed manual but in the USA also availible with a automatic
and offcourse quattro 4wd

also have look in the full playlist for the all the Audi sport models if have driven for a review