The Mercedes SL 280 Pagode  is a real beauty and with over 50 years old still a good driver
with plenty of power. and the lines of this car are so good. This is a car that you want fo the summer with no roof. But the are getting really expensive so less affordable. But I want it

this Video is al about the Mercedes SL 280 Pagode
2.8 ltr 170HP and 5750RPM 240NM at 4500RPM

this car was for sale at  this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

here is a link to the car

This Mercedes SL 280 Pagode is  fully restore classic in 2003  and has only after this 2000klm
the car feels like new and also looks like that. 
this car is a 1967 car and came to life as a 250 automatic.  in it’s 50year life the engine and transmission where swapped for the more and most powerfull engine the 2778cc 6 inline also the automatic is changed to a 4 speed manual.  this car is very easy to drive and gave me the feeling that it still could be used as a daily driver offcourse in good weather conditions.  
the w113 is producted 48912 tims in between 1963 and 1973
what i think is a lot for that time . these cars are to me a good investment. beacuse the still drive very good these days. and it has just the looks so at my opinion this car will never loose value.  depending on the state it is in offcourse

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