Mercedes CLS63 AMG VS CLS55 AMG acceleration test this are 2 cars that I both like very much because the are very good to drive as a daily. the have a good nd nice interior. a big boot and a very big and powerfull engine. so I like to own 1 of them in the future with I can not deside which one. the are so close

Acceleration test Mercedes CLS63 AMG VS CLS55 AMG
weight difference in between the cars is that de 55 amg is 15 kg heavier but has 476HP wat is 38HP less the CLS63 AMG with 514 HP
but the CLS 55 AMG has 70NM more torque of 700NM compare to the 630NM from the cls63 AMG

on paper the CLS 63 AMG is 0,1 sec faster from 0-100 kph
it does it in 4.6 sec and the cls55 amg in 4.7 sec

my opinion is that it would go for the cls55 amg because it is very easy to get more power out of it with just a simple engine tune
a NA engine like the cl63 it is not htat easy to get more power

and most important is that the cls55 is more rare. it is only build from 2004-2006 and the cls63 from 2006 up to 2010 with the NA engine

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