Mercedes 190 V12 project engine swap
I’m  is getting into shape  all the pieces are coming together know and alle the big modifications are done know only some small thing need to be done to the steering connection
if I get all the parts for the exhaust that will be done also soon.
the biggest challenge will be to get the downpipes connected

so i have ordered a lot of parts also got the wiperwash tank installed that maybe will function as a overflow tank
but that depends of the water expendtion  that willl be tested when the car is runnning.

i got a w124 6 cilinder stabilizer under the car that is longer on the front so it will go around the engine oil pan
also got different connecting rods for the steering box to the wheels hub.
these are about 7 cm shorter and from a Hyundai sonata  now there can fit a connection rod for male to male  tie rod  and there is anoug room left for adjustment

i got new mufflers from magnaflow  and new stainless tubing for the exhaust
the rear end and the transmission tunnel is fully repaired  for the rust damage and welded and coated
next things are exhaust, wheel hub mod, and rust repair on the rear jack up points and the front wheel wells.

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