The Audi S2 Race car SMS Revo look. This car has a special place in my heart. Because I owned one for a few years and I’m starting to regret that I sold it. The are just very nice to drive. and still pretty fast with good handling and very nice power band. and this car is more rare the very high prices UrQuattro

This video is al about the  Audi S2 Race car SMS Revo look
TheAudi S2 Race car SMS Revo look is powered by a 2.2 20v turbo 5 cylinder engine

This  Audi S2 Race car SMS Revo look is for sale at  Jan los and leon Nuvelstijn

link to the car

This Audi S2 Race car SMS Revo look came from factory as a racecar and alos race the 24hrs of the nurburgring. this car has a full roll cage and intrax suspension system AEZ wheels and semiclick tyres als a big brake kit from AP is installed. the car is complete empty only 2 seats. the weight of this car should be around 1300KG the powere delivery is about 275HP and 400NM due to a remap chip from hohenester.
0-100 should be possible in about 5 sec
this car still has a valid license of the A en N Groupe

i personally like this model a lot it is just a very solid well build car
and when you have the Audi S2 Coupe  you have the highest spec of the
Audi 80 coupe.
i personally owned a Audi S2 in the past and sold it about 10 years
ago.  i now think why did i sold it. its just very good and drives very nice.
the Audi S2 is build from 1990-1996 and has 2 different engine’s and drivetrains.
the so called 3B version is build from 1990-1993 with a 5 speed manual and 5 cylinder line turbo engine with 220hp and 309nm
the second. gen. the ABY version is build from 1993-1996 and is have a 6 speed manual and a 5 cylinder turbo engine with some modifications and delivered 230hp and 350nm

in total 9488 Audi S2 where build this is incl Avant’s Sedan and coupe’s

so the 3b coupe is build 5800 times
the ABY coupe is build 1570 times
the Avant the is only delivered in the ABY version is build 1812 times
and the most rare is the ABY Sedan. only build 306 times

don’t forget that this car is much more rare then the already high priced Audi Quattro also called the Audi UrQuattro.  these cars can go up as high as €50K euro’s and the are produced 11542 times
so any Audi S2 models is more rare. so if you want a good investment i think this is the time to get one!!

if there are any questions let me know

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