The BMW 2002 tii is classic that suprised me by it’s very good chassis for a ’70 car and for it is in the range of the porsche 911 at that time if drive’s just very good and has good useable power and the delivery is very good. also the interior of the car feels big and there is a good view caused by the small pillars

this video is al about the BMW 2002 tii from 1975
2.0ltr 130HP 178NM

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link to the car

this BMW 2002 tii e10 is a real classic. build from 1966 -1977
this car is the tii build from 1972 up to 1976 and was the 2002 with kugelfischer mechanical injection.
this car good some upgrades from ti to tii like the injection and modified cilinderhead with different combustion chambers. and bigger valves also higher compression ratio this got the power up to 130hp @ 5800rpm and 178nm @ 4500rpm. This car from the ’70 has also a very good chasiss. this version is also the most powerfull NA 2002 car . there was only 1 verson faster that was the from ’73-’74 build 2002 turbo that has 170hp and 240nm.

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