so i started 190 V12 top engine assembly
got the front covers back in place
and it is just not easy to get them mounted in place even when the engine is out of the car

after this i got the ignition rotor and distrubitor back in place
and renewed some wires also.
I wanted to go with coil plug ignition but did not work out so the best option for now is oem parts

valve covers are put in place
the drivers side cover already head to threads replaced with helicoils and are mounted without a problem back to 9 nm.
the passenger side was another struggle.
I started removing and installing 4 times the cover with at the last point change all the threads for helicoils except for 2

also got the intake seperation plates and the crank breather in place incl. knock sensors.
at this point i just cleaned the intake manifold so it is free of any grease and parts from the grit blasting and powder coating.

next will be oil/filter change. Emission routing openings on intake and engine needs to be closed. Then the intake can go back on, after this the engine is ready to go back in the car
then the transmission needs some small work and make it oil tight again. incl filter and solenoide inspection check.

if there are any questions about 190 V12 top engine assembly or else

have also a look on my youtube channel



190 V12 top engine assembly