So i got a lot of work done this time
i started with the installation of the Ofgear TCU and the shifter,
also i got the External speed sensor installed and tested.
Also got the Sensor calibrated in the TCU.
The electronic speed that i got is also Tested

So at first i have A Shifter that is used in a W202 or R129
My shifter has a small edge between 3 to 4-D
in for example a W210 this is bigger
for more info have a look on the website of

I have the shifter placed in the OEM place in the car
it will bolt on just like stock no mods needed.

I have the Ofgear controller place under dash on top of the transmission tunnel
this was for me the most easy position.

When i had the shifter connected to the controller . I found out that
my W-S switch was not working so i dismantled it and did a full clean up.
And got it working again

the shifter has 3 connectors . 2 connectors are not inlcuded with the controller
The Reverse/Park Lock and the Reverse back-up light switch
See below the pictures with the part numbers that can be ordered by mercedes incl the
connector internals.

On my shifter also my Reverse/Park lock solenoide is broken so i ordered a new one
I have also a ABS sensor installed. This is a OEM R129 wheelspeeds sensor .
This signal can be used as a input on the Ofgear controller
follow the link for how to connect this

I have also my Electronic speedo connected to the Ofgear controller .
This speedo will later be placed in the W201 dashboard.
How to connect this speedo to the Ofgear controller
follow this link

What is very important
is that if you change settings for the speed sensor input and speed signal output to the
speedo you need to do this for the W-mode and also for the S-mode
Because there are 2 programs that can be used so the both need to be programmed for this
otherwise it will not work

If you want more info about this Controller or Shifter or how to adjust it
you can always ask.
Or have a look on

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