The V12 is Alive !!! the W201 V12 is a running !!!
I think in a project build this is always the most exciting moment
to get the car running for the first time

I put a lot of work in to it to get the best possible change to get it running the first time without to much issue’s

So at first the ignition secuence was a little of but because it is running
waste spark it was firing up.
So i change it to the right setting. and it ran a lot better after that
but i could see that bank 2 was running to rich and bank 1 was to lean on the lambda value’s

So after about 20 sec the car would start misfiring . So to sort out if the lambda’s where reading correct
I pulled all the plugs and tested all of them and all 12 are good

On bank 2 all the plugs werk black this would also explain the very rich reading.
On bank 1 al the plugs where a little wet from fuel. That would also explain the lean reading because if you have a misfire there is to much oxygen left in the exhaust gases. and will give a rich reading.

The conclusion was that bank 1 was not getting enough air with the same amount of fuel then bank 2 so i opened the position of bank 1 a little more
and DP engineering was logged in to the laptop to have a look
The total fuel delivery was a little on the RICH side so this is put a little leaner
also we did some adjustment on the throttle body’s to get them more sychronise.

At this point the engine idle’s a little high at 1500 rpm but when i put it in gear it will drop to 800 rpm.
AT the lambda value’s are on bank 2 around .85 to .95 and on bank 1 around 1.1 to 1,15 what is under no load not harmfull

I also got the transmission on temp and filled it up to the right level at 80c
i have run it to all the gears . Next is make a little drive to test it the transmission will shift like it should to give good results on the dyno

The next thing will be the Dyno then. That will also be very interesting !!

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