Mercedes 190 V12 Review & Testdrive

Because i drive all the other cars on my channel for reviews and testdrives.  I have to do a review & testdrive with my own Mercedes 190 V12. So this is the end of the build. The car is finished  building time almost 4 years and 1500+ hrs in to it.

This was my daily driver before i started with it. i drove the car for about 3 to 4 years in the OEM form.  It is a 190 2.0 with a carburator.  The car has a manual sunroof that.s it .  Empty weight 1105kg   after the swap 1440kg

The engine is from a Mercedes 600 SEL. The famous M120 V12 engine. In my setup it produces 424HP and 585NM. Transmission 722.6 5 speed 1996  with a standalone TCU and paddle shifters.  rear end is also 600sel and modified to fit 

The outside of the car is changed to the facelift model paneling and colors.  Painted in 199 blue black with altrogrey 7700 bottom panels and bumpers. Wheels 18″segin V12 set 8j front 9j in the rear.

Brakes SL500 R129 300MM 4 pot calipers front   E320 W210 290MM 2 pot calipers in the rear.  no ABS  stock brake booster and mastercilinder.

There is much more information about the car but for more details have a look in the project playlist. There are a lot of video’s about this build 

if there are any question just ask 

Also visit the full playlist and channel on youtube.  click here !!


424HP @ 5300 rpm

585NM @ 4800 rpm

0-100kph 4,84 sec

100-200kph  10,6sec

0-200kph 15,44 sec 


Music: Maxzwell – Ready