The Mercedes SLK 320 is a very high quality build roadster. And the best thing is that it has a steel roof and not a soft top. For me that is a real no go if a Cabrio not has a hardtop or a steel roof. but that is just me. this car is well build and will last long with normal maintenance

This car is a 2000 face lift model and the first year the 320 was availible. there is a 3,2ltr v6 engine producing 218hp and 310nm connected to a automatic.  there was also a manual transmission availble but the are not much found

Mercedes SLK 320 is for sale at JB-Over.
this company is specialist in youngtimers and classic

here is a link to the car

The Mercedes SLK 320 really suprised me because i always looked at the car as to small to much noise and not cool.  but this changed my mind
i really liked and also in this yellow color
it is very comfortable and really quiet.
this car is a very low mileage car and has done just under 60000klm so that is really nothing for a car that is 16 years old
the car is  in very good condition and very clean.
try to find an other yellow 320. alsmost impossible.
i looked on to big website and no yellow 320 found only 4 cilinders in this collor and less the 0,5% is yellow so pretty rare.

if there are any questions about this car let me know

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