The first fitment of the V12 engine. Will this massive engine fit in the pretty small engine bay. it was very tight but it fit’s pretty good there is room and it also looks pretty good in there. And very important the hood is closing fully with out kissing the engine. That was just what I needed. Now the transmission

got the engine in the engine bay for the first time
and it fits pretty good  and the hood will close without a problem
i have a 1 cm space in the front part of the intake manifold to the hood the rest of the engine has more room
on the front to the radiator is about 6 to 8 cm room
but i think i’m going to place the fan on the front side of the radiator

The first fitment of the V12 engine. have a look in the playlist for the full project on my You Tube Channel or here on the website

if there are any questions please ask