The Mercedes ML55 W163 is the frist SUV That also got a AMG badge. also before the G-klasse. The W163 is also the first ML model that came on the market. It is a smaller and different car then the G-klasse. it is just more usable because of more comfort and luxury. and The AMG is bringing also more power to the table. A  Mercedes ML55 AMG can be pick-up for low prices the only downside of this car is the fuel economy but for the rest it is very good so the only thing you need to do is putting fuel in and go !!

this Video is al about he W163 Mercedes ML 55 AMG
5.5 ltr v8 347HP 510nm/376ftlbs 

TheMercedes ML55 W163 is the first AMG version in a SUV from Mercedes
W163 ML is produced from 1997-2005
the Mercedes ML55 W163 is the top range of the ML class and hase the same and as the e55,s55 and cl55 only the ML55 delivered a little less HP and less torque,
it produced 347hp that is is 8hp less then the e55 and 510nm that is 20nm less the the e55 .  but it produces between 2800rpm and 4500 above 500nm what is the same as the other models

0-100 times is in between 6-6,5sec according factory spec’s
what is pretty fast for a car that is 2093kg heavy
it has 4WD and is on standard 285-18″ wheels
it is really comfortable  and handles really good but is giving a very space feeling
this car is accept with a leder electrical interior, AC heated seats, cruise control, and more.
it produces a really nice sound in this stock form but i’m sure with a good exhaust it really gives a great rumble

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