The Mercedes SL 70 AMG  is an AMG that is not known by a lot of people because it was really rare. this is also 1 of 150 cars every build.  You can see this as a extra option that you could get when you ordered a new SL600 at the time. The car would go to the AMG factory for a full tuning package. you could choose in between several option. starting with just a AMG bodykit., after this the engine modification came like from only modified cylinderheads and also displacement enlarging. up to 7.3 ltr in the even more rare SL73 AMG that also it for sale at If you want more then just a SL600 ( what is also already fast and pretty cool) this the next level . and the AMG bodykit is also very good looking

this Video is al about the R129 Mercedes SL 70 AMG
M120 V12 7055cc 496HP and 720NM

this SL70 AMG is a very special and Rare car that is only build 150 times and at my opinion a very good investment because the R129 is getting very collectable and the prices are going up when looking to the base of the this car what is the SL600. that is already special. this SL70 is modified by AMG.
changes are a added bodykit like bumpers, sideskirts and wheels
engine mods are bigger displacement from almost 6.0 ltr to 7055cc that is bored and stroked. also AMG modified the cilinderheads and added upgrade camshafts to get more air into the combustion chambers. this results in a gain of 102hp and 150nm to 496hp and 720nm what will get the 1950KG heavy car from 0-100 klm in 4,6 sec. i tested this and it will get the car easy under 5 sec to the 100 klm/h