The Audi RS4 B7 is on my bucket list for cars.  This car is going to be a future collector car. It is last normall aspirated RS4 with a  manual transmission. It is just raw power. just car is just made for 1 thing and that is going really fast and that is showing

this Video is al about the second generation Audi RS4 also called the B7 RS4 powered by a 4.2 v8 with 420 HP and 430nm

this car was for sale at this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

here is a link to the website have alook for more nice cars

This Audi RS4 B7 has a really brilliant powerplant
the engine is a 4.2ltr V8 with direct injection also called FSI
this engine is based on the v8 from the b6 s4 then this engine is placed in the audi Q7 and was upgraded with direct injection
that engine is reinfored and rebuild to spec so it can rev over 8000rpm
and in this condition the engine is producing 420hp and 430nm
90% of the torque is availible inbetween 2250 and 7600rpm

the Audi RS4 B7 is only availible with a manual 6 speed transmission that is connected to a quattro drivetrain.

my presonal opinion about this RS4 that it is just awesome it drives good, and still comfortable and not a to stiff suspension. the S button will give the car a better sound in some ranges of the powerband depend on the which gear and engine speed your driving. but it also gives the car a better and faster throttle response
for me the throttle response is to fast for normall road driving and for that i would put it of and when i want to push it a use al the power that is availible the S-button will give the car a perfect feel.

so the S-button is not just for show and it really gives the car another character.

if your looking for a high reving NA engine this car is perfect.

if there are any questions about this car just ask

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