this Mercedes CLS55 AMG w219 is a car that is on my list to own. and this car is on the the top of my list. I just really like it the interior and the space in the car and look of the exterior. it is just a very nice design and it was the first in it’s class of the 4 door coupe look.  so go look the full review and testdrive video about this very nice and very powerfull 4 door coupe

this Video is al about the 1e generation Mercedes CLS 55 AMG
powered by a M113K v8 5.5 ltr 476HP  and 700NM

this car was for sale at this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars

here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

This Mercedes CLS55 AMG w219 suprised me a bit
this 4 door coupe  is a big and heavy car that it’s weight is 1920KG ready.  but will get from 0-100 klm in 4.7 sec  with only rear wheel drive
i did a acceleration test on a dry road with good tyres and had traction problems up to 70klm/h  then i got full grip
it is just so full of luxury and is nice and quiet.
so you will not expect a beast underneat
when you put the suspension in sport mode and the gearbox in S or manual in transforms in a sport saloon with very good performance and very good handling in the corners.
this CLS is a very good car if a E class is not nice enough and a s-class to not your thing.
i like a S-class  but the CLS is perfect.  very good styling. good size interieur also for the passengers, big bagage compartment.
Just take it !!
V8 Kompressor is just fantastic !

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JMSpeedhop !