The Mercedes SLS AMG is an icon already from the point it became for sale. this car is just bringing a lot of attention with it’s look and the best looking doors every put on a production car. this car is already going up in value and above the prices it was sold new for. I just wanted to drive it.

this Video is al about the very collectable Mercedes SLS AMG
powered by a M159 v8 6208cc 571HP at 680 rpm and max torqye of 650nm at 4750 rpm

this car was for sale at this company is a specialist in rare youngtimers and classics or/and low mileage cars
here is a link to the website have a look for more nice cars

link to the car

this car is AWESOME !  everything is just super col on this car
the sound  the looks the perfromance and grip  is really good
the car is rear wheel drive with a transaxle transmission
the engine position is just behind the rear axle so it is a mid engine car.
the weight distribution is 53% on the rear axle and 47% on the front axle.
7 speed double clutch transmission with 4 settings and a race start
in manual and Sport +  the shifting time is under 0.1 sec
the car is capable of accelerating from 0-100 in 3.8 sec with a top speed of 317klm/h

i just really love the looks of this car and now i have driven it i love it even more it is mindblowing fast and just a real german hotrod

also have look on my youtube channel in and in the full playlist of this car I have driven a lot of AMG and also a very rare Final edition of the SLS so have alook

Just Awesome

if there are any questions  about this car just ask

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